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700 MXN / 35 USD
1h20min /3 pers max
200 MXN / 10 USD
1 a 4h / 3 pers max
500 MXN / 25 USD
1 hora
700 MXN / 35 USD
1500mxn / 75USD
1h20min /2 pers max
200mxn / 10 USD
45 min
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800 MXN / 40 USD
2 hours / 6 pers max
700 MXN / 35 USD
1h30min / 6 pers max

by Whatsapp:
+52 612 168 1924

all reservation minimum 24hrs
before arrival


Horseback Riding

Guided 7km ride (4.5 miles) between cactus forests, dry river bed and pristine beach

(we ask a bit of experience to ride)

Kayak rental

Rental of kayak, we will take them down to the beach for you and you can use it up to 4 hours (life vest included)

Introduction to permaculture

This is a quick introduction to what is permaculture and how to adapt it to desert areas, we will show you all the process to make our soil alive again, and also all the philosophy of permaculture and the different applications in our ranch and in our life.

introduction to night photography

during the starry nights we will show you how to use your camera to make perfect milky way shots some funny tricks too!

Mangrove kayaking

for this excursion we will need to go 8km away to find the mangrove, from there we´ll put the kayaks in the water and paddle alomg all the mangrove swamp until the most dense parts, meeting dozens of bird.

Desert and dune walk

the 20 minute walk to the dunes is a must do, easy but what a view! along the trail we will show you the different plants we find here, especially the different cacti species. The dunes offer a 360° view of the cactus forest, the mountains, the city, and the sea.

"Critter tour"

This tour starts at or after sunset depending on the season and can be done only between may and november. We will explore the desert to see if we can find local fauna like snakes, scrpions, spiders... and many more...

Learn Boomerang

Get to know the basics of boomerang and try to make it come back, it´s all a question of wind direction and dosage...

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